Race Felineko
Gender Female
Age Pre-teen(seemingly)
Mecha N/a
Allies Red Savarin(customer)
Enemies N/a
Status Alive
Voiced By N/a

Suzette (シュゼット, Shuzetto?) is the Airedale Parts Shop owner. She is a mechanic who sells Red parts for the DAHAK-AZI03. She has multiple mechanics who work under her.


Suzette is a brown and gray Felineko with green hair. She dresses in what seems to be a cross between sailor-fuku and mechanic wear, complete with a pack on her belt that is filled with tools.






Red Savarin

Red often visits her for robot parts when stopping by in Airedale or participates in a race aircraft test for her in the Darven Islands. Her racing mecha can be obtained for Air Robo GP by piloting her aircraft and beats the quest "Faster and Fastest" within 03:00.


Rivalry in mecha design and construction, Red can always participate race aircraft test using either his or Suzette's racing mecha. His race aircraft is the Rapid Eagle.

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