Gren Sacher
Race Caninu/Kishu-Inu
Gender Male
Age 19
Mecha Mephisto TA
Allies Calua, Opéra,
Béluga, Merveille
Enemies Red Savarin(originally)
Status Alive
Voiced By Tsuchida Hiroshi

Gren Sacher (グレン・ザッハー, Guren Sahhā?) is a member of Kurvaz's Special Operations Unit and Opéra's faithful subordinate. Has pledged his allegiance to Opéra and is very straight-laced and incredibly serious.

He is always having to struggle with Calua's impulsive nature and seems to get the bad end of the deal. He pilots the Mephisto TA.


Gren is a light blue colored Kishu-Inu. He has long blue hair tied into a ponytail, which along with his blue armor and Asian styled clothes gives him an appearance reminiscent of a samurai. His eyes are collared redish-purple.


Gren is quiet and calculating, not doing anything before thinking it through. He also has an oriental sense of honor.




Calua is Gren's brother-in-arms. Despite Calua's personality being almost the exact opposite of Gren's, they maintain a brotherly relationship.

It's hinted in several ilustrations and confirmed in one of the Little Tail Bronx Archives books that he has romantic feelings for Opéra.[1]


Bruno Dondurma


  • Gren is voiced by Tsuchida Hiroshi, who is known for his role as Saizou/Ninja Blue from Ninja Sentai Kakuranger. Coincidentally Gren is also blue in color and is styled like a samurai.


  1. [1], LITTLE TAIL BRONX ARCHIVES Solatorobo Vol.2 Daybreak, page 287

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