Elh Melizée
Race Felineko/Shorthair
Gender Female
Age 14
Mecha N/a
Allies Red, Chocolat,
Enemies Kurvas, Lares
Status Alive
Voiced By Saori Gotō

Elh Melizée (エル・メリゼ, Eru Merize?) is a major character in Solatorobo; while not the player controlled character, she is the main character of the game's first half, and a supporting character during the game's latter half. A mysterious young Felineko rescued by Red while aboard the burning Hindenburg during the game's prologue, she is a taciturn and serious girl with hidden motives, compounded by her unwillingness to open up to others.


Elh has white hair and purple ears, along with a purple striped tail and purple stripes on her cheeks. She dresses mainly in a white long shirt/short dress with striped arms, black leggings and white boots. She also has what look like piercings in her ears.

She dresses like a boy, which several people question her on throughout the game, though Red and Chocolat are the only ones who didn't seem to work it out immediately.


Introduced as an aloof and private young woman, Elh holds others at a distance and is best described as excessively self reliant, recruiting Red and Chocolat's services only out of necessity. In addition to her reserved and stoic demeanor, she has difficulty in recognizing the emotions in both herself and others, and is quite detached from her feelings and the consequences her actions have on others.

Elh is resolute and deteremined in her mysterious objective, but at the same time constantly second guesses herself, which rouses further suspicion from others over what exactly her motives are. While her intentions aren't entirely clear until the climax, Elh has an obvious guilt complex surrounding them, though has nonetheless resigned herself to her fate. Elh is also kind to others where she feels it does not compromise her exterior image of being cold and distant, and while she doesn't admit it, seeks only to help the people around her.

As she spends more time with Red and Chocolat, she shows them a much kinder, genuine and caring exterior than she initially had; she has genuine moments of emotion with the former, and the latter's sarcastic sense of humor rubs off on her. The only thing that can reliably break her cool exterior is insects, something that amuses Red to no end.

Spoiler Warning!
Elh exists soley to perform the Rite of Forfeit, a ritual that is said to be able to seal Lares, in exchange for the life of whomever is tied to Elh's Medalion. Due to this, Elh has a very pragmatic nature, working only towards completing the ritual to which she owes purpose. However, she is also extremely reluctant to go through with the Ritual again due to the gradual bond she and Red develop over the course of the first half of the story. Following the Ritual's failure, she believes that Red and Chocolat have come to hate her, and is surprised when they rescue her from Bruno. In order to make up for her actions, Elh remains on the asmodeus as a permanent crew member.
Elh spends much of the epilogue in a state of depression, lamenting her actions prior to the first ending and worried that Red and Chocolat will change their mind about her and abandon her, though is relieved that with Lares's demise, she may safely abandon her duty as a Paladin.


Spoiler Warning!
Elh was born on an island called Ragdoll and raised as a Paladin, a clan which uses a power called the Nono to perform various magic. It is hinted in the Library at the Cabin that Felineko's have more of an aptitude for magic, so this may also have something to do with it. When she was away from Ragdoll, it was burnt down by Baion, and she thought she was the only survivor. However, near the start of the game, she realizes that Béluga, another Paladin, also survived.

While searching for the amulet that would awaken Lares she found her way onto the Hindenburg. However the Hindenburg started burning due to Red, and she was knocked unconscious due to an explosion. Red found her soon after, and brought her aboard the Asmodeus to save her.


Elh shares a complicated relationship with Red. During the start, she simply needs him because of the Amulet he took on the Hindenburg and to perform the 'Rite of Forfeit'. However, over time she begins to develop feelings for him, and during the second part of the game these feelings are more obvious. It is possible that she loved him throughout most of the game, as at Samoyede, where they went to perform the Rite, a woman says to Elh that she should be true to her feelings.

Not much is seen between the two of them, though it could be assumed that they have some sort of relationship as they are both girls and both have to deal with Red. They are also both worried about Red when he does the simulations.

There is also not much of a relationship between these two, though during Red's simulations, Elh is the first one Merveille tells about Red's past.

The two of them are both Paladins, and also the only remaning survivors from Ragdoll. Elh is at first worried that he has turned over to the Kurvaz to help awaken Lares, but by the second part of the game, this fear has been arrested and smoothed over.

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