Race Hybrid
Gender Male
Age Immortal (Appears Middle-aged)
Mecha Berius P-2, Tartaros
Allies Blanck, Nero(servants)
Enemies Everyone Else
Status Unknown
Voiced By Tomohiro Tsuboi

Baion (バイオン, Baion?) is an ancient Hybrid awaken before the events of the story. He plots to awaken Tartaros and wipe out all life in the world and start anew. Working for him are Blanck and Nero, two other Hybrids.


Baion appears to be human with short spiky turquoise hair along with a sharp beard and sideburns. He dresses in dark gray body suit covered by a white lab-coat with a black collar and shoulders, adorned with CODA Project symbols. One of his most notable features are his red-lens glasses


Baion believes that he is superior to Caninu and Felineko and that it is his duty to reset the world.




Blanck & Nero


  • Baion appears to be an expy of Gendo Ikari, from the Mecha anime Evangelion. He is very similar in appearance, personality, and goal.

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